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"New Book Reveals How To Unleash Your Potential" 

...Even if you are struggling to figure out who you are or what you want in life

Danny Stone

From the desk of Coach Danny Stone,

Toronto, Canada

Dear Friend, 

If you want to get more clarity and unleash your full potential, this will be the most important book you'll ever read.

But First, Some Hard Truth:

You may be thinking "Can a book really help me change my life and unleash more potential?"

The answer is Yes!

But I will be honest, it's mentorship, coaching and guidance and putting into action what you learn from the books that super charges success.

I know because I went from growing up in low income housing, surrounded by drugs and crime, headed down the wrong path to international speaker, author and business owner.

It was books combined with coaching and mentorship and applying what I learned that changed my life.

Lots of individuals buy books and NEVER read them or even implement what they learned and the result is either things stay the same or very limited shifts in their lives.

This is why I designed this book to be a practical tool that you can utilize as your reading the book to start making shifts in your life right away.

In fact one reader described the book as an "interactive reading experience" because of the way it flows. It's more like a coaching conversation between you and myself.

If you're committed to practicing and implementing tools and knowledge you gain to make your life better, you will reaps the benefits of taking massive action. But to keep it real with you, if you're not committed to gaining clarity and doing something different, then you most likely won't get the results you are seeking.

Please allow me to reveal how this book can truly help you on your journey to unleashing your potential and shifting your life in a powerful way.

This is How This Book Will Can You...

This is dramatically different from anything you've ever read because it's provides practical tools and activities that you can start implementing while reading the book.

(Hey don't forget to put an image of you or the product in that spot on the left.)

 There's no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.  

Plus, it's easy to read.  

At just 137 pages, you can read it in in literally one afternoon or a day at most.

And you'll immediately "get" the entire methodology I personally used to go from struggling to figure out my life to speaking in National TV, International stages, and earning more money than I ever thought I could. 

Here's Just a Fraction of What's Inside For You:

  • This book is full of practical tools and exercises that will get you into action right away and start guiding you to unlocking your potential.

  • Clarity of Vision: The book guides readers to create a clear life vision, helping them set meaningful goals and directions for their lives. (see page 9)

  • Self-Discovery: By emphasizing self-awareness and self-reflection, readers gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their values, and their motivations. (see page 21)

  • Resilience: The book encourages readers to give themselves permission to fail, fostering resilience and a healthy attitude towards setbacks. (see page 29)

  •  Curiosity and Creativity: Readers are inspired to follow their curiosity, sparking creativity and new ideas that can lead to personal growth and innovative solutions. (see page 37)

  • Supportive Networks: The book teaches individuals how to develop a life support network, which can provide valuable guidance, encouragement, and resources along their journey. (see page 53)

  • Supportive Networks: The book teaches individuals how to develop a life support network, which can provide valuable guidance, encouragement, and resources along their journey. (see page 64)

  • Bedtime Routine: A well-structured bedtime routine contributes to better sleep quality, rest, and overall well-being. (see page 79)

  • Goal Achievement: Readers are guided on how to get started on their goals, breaking them down into actionable steps, making them more achievable. (see page 85)

  • Physical and Mental Well-Being: The book underscores the importance of minding one's fitness and spirit, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. (see page 99)

  • Service to Others: Encouraging readers to be of service to others fosters a sense of purpose, community, and personal fulfillment. (see page 107)

It Doesn't Stop There...

You don't just learn 5 keys and 5 habits to shift your life and unleash your potential, you also get...

  • Exercises at the end of every chapter to try right away

  • A powerful morning ritual to start each day with clarity and focus

  • A simple goal plan to get you on track with your goals

  • A bedtime routine to set up your next day for success

  • Invitation to a supportive online community

Here's What a Few Readers Have Said...

Don't just listen to what I have to say about the book, listen to what readers are saying...

"Danny’s book was exactly the inspiration at exactly the right time. After reading the book, underlining almost everything and doing the exercises, I realized it was time to leave a good job which no longer brought me the joy and satisfaction it once did. I’ve since found the courage to leave and pursue a slightly different direction which has always intrigued me and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s also challenged me to realistically re-examine other areas of my life that have been overlooked. It is recommended reading for everyone who may find themselves at a crossroads.”

- Margot, Photographer / TV Producer

“As an entrepreneur, I found the exercises within Danny’s book extremely insightful and helpful! I wish i had this book earlier in my career. I would recommend it to anyone who is self-employed or thinking about taking the

big step towards working for themselves.”

-Sean, Entrepreneur, Actor, Creator

“If you’re determined to change your life and contemplating where to start, Danny Stone’s “You Have the Keys, Now Drive” can help. Using personal anecdotes and tools, Danny designed his book to help you get unstuck and focus on what you can do to lead a happier life and achieve your goals, both personally and professionally. You Have the Keys, NowDrive is worth the read for anyone committed to creating a roadmap fora better life.”

-Nadine, Entrepreneur

“Wow, this book is very powerful! I’m not a read but I was searching for more out of life and decided to buy this book. I am so happy I did. I went from being stuck and lacking confidence to getting more clarity and confidence.

I recommend this book to everyone”

- Felix, Photographer

“I never thought I could learn so much about myself from reading a book,

but I did! Thank you for writing this book Danny.”

-Federica, Reader

Check This Out... Press Play

Here Are two BIG Reasons

to Buy The Book Now!

Here are TWO big reasons to buy this book now!

Reason #1: At the end of every chapter there are coaching tools and exercises that individuals have paid hundreds of dollars for - you get them FREE

Reason #2: Step-by-step frameworks to set up your day for success, map out your goals, and shift your mindset - you don't have to figure it out yourself

I'm going to be straight with you. I am not going to say this book will solve all of your life problems. It's not a magic wand.

That said it has helped lots of individuals gain more clarity, take massive action and shift their life in real, powerful ways.

So if you are tired of being tired.

If you know you want more out of life.

If you know what you are doing is not working.

And you are ready for change...

Grab a copy of the book today.

But it's just the tip of the iceberg because you're also getting …

BONUS! Yup, I'm Throwing One In!

BONUS #1: Develop Your Winning Mindset Bundle ($49 value)

Over the last few years I have grown a small community of individuals looks to level up their lives and their businesses. I started an online community called Champion You.

Myself and other experts hosted LIVE weekly conversations on an audio app called Clubhouse.

We covered lots of different topics and for many people they called some of those conversations life-changing.

This bundle is more than 2 hours worth of audio and a workbook designed to help you begin to create your winning mindset.

It is amazing. Lots of tips, tools, and stories from myself and other experts who have shifted their lives in very powerful ways.

You will have so many takeaways from this bundle AND you get fillable worksheets to make the learning more personalized to you.

Here's What To Do Next

The "cost" of this book is $15 on Amazon, however today you get it instantly as a PDF download for only $4.99.

And you also get a super cool bonus:

✅ Develop Your Winning Mindset Bundle

Why $4.99?   

Because you are here right now and you are reading this page and my goal is to help as many people unleash their inner champion and reach their full potential as possible.

This is really my way of paying it forward.

I have learned from so many books, coaches, and teachers and now it's my turn to share what i have learned with you in this book.

I believe in action-takers and that's why it's only $4.99. This price is only for people who are ready to take action and if that is you, then I wanted to make this an easy decision for you to grab a copy of the book now.

There's No Catch

There's no catch!

This isn't a bait and switch.

The book is good and there are no hidden charges.

You actually get the downlaodable PDF that has already helped so many people shift their lives right now, instantly!

Time Is Of The Essence.

Now I am not going to have the book at this price forever.

I did say I want to help as many people as possible and I do want to encourage people to be action-takers, however this price will go back up soon.

I have to raise the price because it actually costs me more to advertise then I actually make from the book, so this price will have to go up soon.

My hope is also that you like the book so much that they'll want to buy more stuff from me later that will help you create the life you want.

You Really ARE Getting This Book For $4.99

But you need to order now.

This book cannot stay at this price forever and I will increase the price soon.

Also I giving away $49 worth of valuable bonuses that others are paying for.

So you need to grab this book and these bonuses while you can.

Yes It's a Real Guarantee!

I know that you will a lot of valuable tools, insight, and resources to help you shift your mindset. I can confidently say that this book has helped people in countries around the world think different and do something different and shift their lives in powerful, positive ways.

And it can help you do the same.

But if you read the book and don't find at least 3X value, just send an email within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your $4.99.

Send an email to [email protected] and you'll get 100% refund

AND you can keep everything you purchased and I will refund your $4.99. No questions asked.

Sounds like a fair deal?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim

Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing more about your self-descovery journey.

Danny Stone

P.S. If you're like I am sometimes and skipped to the end, here's the offer:

I'm giving you this book about unleashing your potential and you'll learn 5 keys and 5 habits to change your life in major ways.

All you pay is a measly $4.99. (the book runs between $10-$16 on Amazon WITHOUT the bonus)


I'm also giving you a bonus:

Develop Your Winning Mindset Bundle ($49 value)

I'm giving you this set of reference images and the workshop recordings as a gift because I want you to implement what you learn in the book immediately.

This is a very limited offer because I'm spending money to advertise and market this to you. I cannot run this offer forever so I will take it down soon.

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not be tricked into a subscription or trial.

If you don't like the book, let me know, and I'll give you back your $4.99 .

AND you can still keep the PDF book and bonus.

Click here and claim your copy now . You won't regret it.

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